1 Effective Protection from COVID 19 - Wash Hands With Soap Often

1 Effective Protection from COVID 19 - Wash Hands With Soap Often

So far everyone knows that to avoid Covid 19, you must wash your hands with soap again and again. Washing can be done with a sanitizer, and that is easier than washing hands with soap. But are you sure to be completely virus free in this way? 

If you wash the palate on both sides of your hands, at the base of the nails, then it is okay. Yet one doubt remains. However, using the rules will certainly help. But sanitizer with a wet hand, the solution can be diluted and the effectiveness will be reduced. If alcohol is below 60 percent in the sanitizer, it will not work. However, the time of soap mash should be at least 20 seconds, but 40-60 seconds is better.

Now let's talk about using soap. Any type of soap can be used. It's not like that, only medicated soap is needed. 

Soap can be used to kill Covid 19

The question may arise why this 20 seconds?

First, let us know why to use soap? First, we all use soap, regardless of the rich or the poor. soap has a wonderful ability to clean. In fact, there is a special region in the main chemical atom element of soap. Of the molecule, two heads belong to two different regions. One head does not like water molecules at all, he is very addicted to lipids or fat again. The other head is just the opposite, its addiction to water but not to fat.

An example can be taken -  Suppose some coconut oil have thrown over the one mug of water. We know that oil never mixes with water. So oil will float on the water. This time, add a little soap to the mixture of water-oil, the Coconut oil does not appear to float apart. because the molecules of soap have begun to work, that is, with one head of oil and the other head connected with water, the coconut oil will not allow it to float separately.

Let's imagine, you have the Covid 19 virus stuck in your hand.

you have the Covid 19 virus stuck in your hand

The structure of the virus is like this - at the center of the virus is a genetic material (ribonucleic acid), which is contained in a shell. The shell is made of fat and protein. This is where nature has favored people a little. Because the binding of fat and protein is very weak. soap's particular molecule breaks down that bond by being easily linked to fat and protein. 

It can be said that with the sable it is broken into pieces. The genetic material comes out and dissolves in water. That means the virus is completely destroyed. That is, by using soap, it is not only expelled the virus but also destroyed it. But you have to give soap Atom some time to do this. The experiment found that the act of killing germs' work is completed within 20 seconds.

nano-sized virus stays in the fold of the hand

This nano-sized virus stays in the fold of the hand, even with a fine fingertip (lines of fingerprint). You have to make sure that the soap is inserted in there too. It is best to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. However, the direction on the hand should not be dropped. Best of all, wash your hands up to the elbow.

As a bonus, the other microorganisms, dirt attached to the oil and in your hand will also be cleansed. Water tapes or tubes should be cleaned with a little soap. Because usually you first opened the tape with a virus hand. The tab or tubewell virus is added to it. Next, after washing your hands with soap, when you close the tape again, your hand becomes attached to the virus again. Using detergents instead of soap can affect the skin of the hands. So, Wash your hands with soap often and be safe.