Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality

Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update
Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update

Coronavirus panic is spreading throughout the world as well as many rumors are spreading too. Social media has been spreading rumors about what to do and what not to do if the coronavirus is infected. The World Health Organization has provided some information to clarify what is wrong and what is right. The following is served Myth vs. Reality for you.

Myth : Coronavirus dies when drying hands with a hand dryer.

Reality : Coronavirus does not die in the hand drawer. Regular soap or sanitizer should be used to prevent coronavirus infection. Hand dry with a paper napkin.

Myth : The coronavirus dies under ultraviolet light.

Reality : Coronavirus does not die in ultraviolet light, keeping hands under this light can cause irritation or infection.

Myth : Thermal scanners can identify people who affected by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update
The human body temperature is being checked through a thermal scanner at various emergency locations, including the airport.

Reality : If there is a common fever, the thermal scanner can be identified but thermal scanners will not be able to identify a person with coronavirus who has no fever in the body. There may be "corona" fever within 2 to 10 days of infection.

Myth : Massaging the body with alcohol or chlorine kills the coronavirus.

Reality : Do not massage the body with alcohol or chlorine, it can cause severe skin damage. Although cleaning of houses or furnishings can be done with alcohol or chlorine, in that case experts should also be consulted.

Myth : Many people think it is not safe to get a letter or parcel from China.

Reality : A letter or parcel coming from China is perfectly safe. Coronavirus cannot last long on substances.

Myth : What can spread the coronavirus from pets?

Reality : There is no evidence of the spread of the Coronavirus from the pet. However, after adoring the pet, you should wash your hands with soap, washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of bacterial infection of "e coli" and "salmonella".

Myth : Coronavirus can prevent the pneumonia vaccine.

Reality : The pneumonia vaccine does not prevent coronavirus. The pneumococcal or Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine will not work in this case. Coronavirus antibodies are not in the market yet.

Myth : The coronavirus is seized when the nose is frequently cleaned with saltwater.

Reality : There is no evidence that salt water prevents coronavirus.  Frequent cleansing nose with salt water can be helpful in cold-cough.

Myth : Coronavirus is far away when garlic is consumed.

Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update
Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update

Reality : Garlic enhances immunity in the body, but coronavirus can not be prevented with garlic.

Myth : Massaging the sesame oil on the body helps the coronavirus stay away.

Reality : Sesame oil does not prevent coronavirus. Some chemicals, such as 75% ethanol, parasitic acid, chloroform, can kill the coronavirus. However, massaging these things in the body can cause harm.

Myth : The coronavirus only affects the elderly.

Reality : People of any age can be infected with the coronavirus.

Myth : Many people question, will antibiotics can be stopped "COVID-19"?

Reality : According to the "World Health Organization" data, antibiotics can only kill bacteria. In the case of a virus, antibiotics will not work.
Corona is a virus. However, bacterial infections can occur if the virus is infected. In those cases, In those cases, in-hospital those infected with coronavirus may be given antibiotics.

Coronavirus Myth Vs Reality, Coronavirus update
Beware of coronavirus. Not panic or confusion.

Beware of coronavirus. Not in panic or confusion...