Coronavirus. Interview of Coronavirus. (COVID-19)

Interview of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a major panic in the present world. The virus looks like Kadam flowers. Its main name is coronavirus disease or COVID-19. The virus mainly causes pneumonia in patients' bodies. It is an infectious virus that has not spread to humans before.

 Coronavirus. Interview of Coronavirus. (COVID-19)
Interview of Coronavirus

Mamun Maruf, a Bangladeshi Muslim boy in Italy, dreams that he is talking with a coronavirus and that the coronavirus is telling his future plans.

Many people in the world, especially Bangladeshi people, have accepted the dream as a prophetic word because Most of his dreams are matched with reality about Coronavirus.

Conversations with coronaviruses or interviews with coronaviruses are given below…..

[In the dream, a thing like Kadam flower in the came forth (coronavirus).]

 Coronavirus. Interview of Coronavirus. (COVID-19)
 The Coronavirus looks like kadam flowers

Mamun Maruf : When did you come to earth?

Coronaviruses : We arrived in China on October 23rd. When three Chinese soldiers raped a Muslim girl named Aisha and two Chinese soldiers were on guard. The girl was killed in rape. When the girl screamed during the rape, her mouth was sewn. At the shouting of the girl, Allah Pak sent us to attack.

Mamun Maruf : Muslims are being persecuted in different countries of the world but why only sent to China?

Coronaviruses : In other countries of the world, the scene of torture on Muslims is spreading through the media. But in Uyghur Muslims in China, they are secretly torturing captives on four walls, So their cry & shouting goes directly to ALLAH and he becomes angry. as a result, we arrived in China.

Mamun Maruf : What on earth do you do?

Coronaviruses : People think we have arrived and will leave very quickly, it's not. We will kill about One-seventh percent of the people in the world. The attacks on Buddhists, in particular, will be high. At one point, they will become poor.

Mamun Maruf : Where do you go from China?

Coronaviruses : South America to North America. Then to the Iranian state, because they have undergone many changes and enhancements in the religion of Islam. Then South Korea to the Arab Middle East.

Mamun Maruf : Attacking Muslim countries, including Arabs and Iran, will make the believer dies. What would you say about that?

Coronaviruses : Those who perform the Wudu and the prayers and the pure servants of Allah. We see a kind of light emanates from their place of wudu, and we realize that this man is a beloved servant of Allah and we do not attack them.

Mamun Maruf : What are your steps towards Bangladesh?

Coronaviruses : You are less afraid because Islam is more discussed in your country more than in any other state in the world.                        [Called Waj Mahfil]

Mamun Maruf : What is the way to avoid you? / What is the way to prevent you?

Coronaviruses : The way to prevent this disease is "1.Q7+6=13". Those who have a good idea about the Qur'an can make this medicine.

Mamun Maruf : What is the next plan?

Coronaviruses : We will attack India with more upgrades than we currently have. The attack will be from bottom to top. But we will not do much in Afghanistan. [The Coronavirus update version is believed to be the Lassa virus]
Many people will die in the early part of the attack, and after some time it will slow down

It's not okay to blindly believe in dreams. The dream may not exactly match reality, but the dream can be an idea. I just made a statement to you. It is your responsibility to, believe it or not.

 Coronavirus. Interview of Coronavirus. (COVID-19)

Disclaimer: It's just a dream. Considering this with the real, you should consider the trial. We have no responsibility.

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