Now is The Time To Know The Epidemic Scheme:Truth About WHO and China

Now is The Time To Know The Epidemic SchemeTruth About WHO and China

Here is some of the WHO and China's reckless scheme with proves, that has been going on for the past five months. Because of which we are all around the world suffering now. Whole world is now facing a disaster, from which none of us are safe.

A pandemic can be prevented only if desired. There has never been an international epidemic since the birth of this organisation in 1948. The virus that originated in Ebola, SARS, MARS, could not be the international epidemic because of the active actions of "Who". But in this Covid case, see what the WHO's action!!

After reading this article I know you will say, what will be their punishment now? US President Donald Trump has responded to this question two days ago by saying, "Let this Corona situation be cold first, then we will find out what action can be taken against them!". Now have to wait to see what the next. The international community will not leave them without punishment. if they give up, Years later, there will be such an international pandemic on earth again.

Two important and controversial questions. Why is WHO being blamed for the global outbreak of SARS Cov-2

China's responsibility or how much?

I know if you call Covid-19 a Chinese virus or a Wuhan virus, many become angry about this and called racists. But that is not the case. What are some of the WHO's mistakes that the entire world today is facing this pandemic?
Why is there so much criticism?
Is there any evidence of this?

As I was writing this post today, March 28th, the official case number of Covid-19 is like 6,17,000. 28,000 people died.

Only 1 lac infected in America, 27,000 in Italy. But just one month ago, the situation was different. As of February 27, the total number of infected people in China was 79,252 which came a month later, to 82,000+, that is, the number of infected people in China in the last one month The death toll rose to about 3,000. A month ago, the total number of patients in the world was 4351 and the death toll was 67. Corona's live update shows just how bad the situation has been in a month. Many are blaming WHO.

Established in 1948, the company has an important role in public health care around the world. They lead through joint partnerships in healthcare around the world. It is not easy to lead all governments of various countries on a common platform. Where some relationship with another is not good. If a country has the capacity to cure certain diseases, then it is the WHO's job to guarantee distribution to other countries. At the grass-root level, they do not take any action beyond the evidence and specific principles. For example, when the WHO proposed lock-down for Covid-19, the rest of the world immediately became active in this regard. Technical Support and Health Monitoring WHO's day-to-day work, which is being seen in the COVID-19 pandemic.

So how successful are they in these important tasks of the WHO? What is the neglect in the midst of failure? What or how effective steps did they take? SARS Cov-2 originated in Wuhan's Market. The local government did not allow the information to go out until one and a half months when the pneumonia case was coming up.

Doctors try to disseminate information are arranged to keep their mouths shut. And WHO supported them in this Chinese propaganda. Because there is evidence that the WHO has misrepresented and given incorrect information in news media. There were reports of Covid-19 in the last week of November, even in October, but China completely suppressed those reports. In fact, China informed WHO on December 31 that they had received the disease throughout December, but it is not contagious.

On November 17, many news media provided evidence of China's first medical case being recorded, but it is not yet known who is the Patient Zero of this virus infection.

In other pandemics, we have seen WHO able to trace Patient Zero very easily but WHO failed in Covid-19. Although initially named "Wuhan virus", the Chinese government suppresses the whistle blowers of the virus very efficiently. Dr.Li Wenliang was the most famous whistle blower even though he died of the disease. Even then, it took time until January to let the world know about the new situation.

Massive media coverage began on January 8th. Despite this, the WHO has repeatedly spread new misinformation. On January 14th, WHO tweeted from their official page on Twitter, there was no evidence that Covid-19 was transmitted from person to person. But at that time there was 50+ official cases, which clearly showed that Novel Corona (nCoV) was increasing and the number of patients spread from person to person by contact.

From January 16th, many countries around the world conditions, including United States, India, Africa stopped several flights from there and issued travel alerts. WHO then condemned the travel warning, saying it was a wrong decision and would not result in anything. On January 11th on a tweet, "WHO," said there is no problem for anyone who can travel freely in Wuhan province, no need for screening. Such a statement represents the complete irresponsibility of an organization like it.

The person who is in the spotlight on the whole matter is Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,director-general of "WHO". He is a citizen of Ethiopia, he was a long time health minister of the present government. There have been allegations against Dr. Tedros that he unfairly supported China. This is because China has made huge investments in its home country, Ethiopia, and is fully supporting the OBOR (One Belt One Road) project.

Ethiopia does not want to disappoint China in any way, and Since Dr. Tedros are members of the Ruling Party, he will not take any action so that China would be angry with Ethiopia.

Wuhan was locked down on January 27 but on January 28 Dr. Tedros traveled to China. He went to see the Chinese response, met with President Xi Jinping. He praised China's fears and said China has set a unique precedent for controlling the epidemic. Shi Jin praised Ping's leadership, and despite having already concealed numerous proven facts in China, he said 'Openness of sharing information'; At that time many countries in the world were criticizing China, especially America. The United States bans travel to China in January. The director-general of WHO made a statement against the United States, saying there was no need for a travel ban. He also said, "China has saved the whole world time."

But how long? Only a month, literally. That is February. in March, everyone in the world is horrified by the horrors of coronavirus. WHO has been circulating unnecessary reports in the media at various times praising China.

WHO's reaction was completely different if we were to focus on the SARS outbreak 17 years ago. The former director of Norway was the then director Gro Harlem Brundtland. He was a strong personality politically Compared to Dr. Tedros. Although Dr. Tedros was a health minister, he was not a political figure. He has a lot of research on public health but he is a weak figure in politics. He does not have the power to stand against China. But that was not the case at 2003. Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland expresses its anger over China. And in the history of "WHO" the service was the first to issue a travel alert from that organization.

All were told not to travel to southern China because it was the epicenter of the disease. As a result, 8000 people were infected with the SARS virus and around 800 people died. In this regard, China faced many problems from the WHO. Because of the attempt to conceal the SARS virus. "China has put global health in danger," said Gro Harlem. Because all of this has happened, as it happens now. Media was suppressed, whistle blowers were suppressed, media censoring increased. Much of the information about SARS came out through the media in Hong Kong and other countries.

There have been huge changes in the last 17 years after SARS outbreak. The change is in China's economy. In 2003, the economy was 1.66 trillion and now it has crossed more the 7 times, becoming 12 trillion.

In the first place, the United States with a $ 20 trillion economy. China contributes the most to the WHO. The Chinese have the most impacts on WHO's Voluntary Budget Contribution. All WHO costs are based on this budget. WHO has been in a financial crisis for the past few years as they are fighting against Ebola and Zika virus. In this case, the more a country contributes to its budget, the greater the impact over WHO. China has increased its contribution to around $86 million since 2014. That is, 52% of the total contribution. China fully supported Dr. Tedros Adhanom in the "WHO" election in 2017.

The OBOR (One belt one road) project that is underway in China is linked to the WHO project and manages both. So wherever the WHO's office has been opened, China's money invested there. As a result, there is no way to avoid the fact that China has the most influence on the WHO.

China has succeeded in excluding Taiwan from the WHO by using its money power. And Taiwan is the first state in the world without being a member of the "WHO", whom the Ministry of Health claiming that Covid-19 is transmitted from person to person and please give it importance. But the WHO did not give any importance to this suggestion in Taiwan. Rather, received confirmation from China. WHO said on December 31, that Covid-19 does not spread from person to person. If the WHO had taken Taiwan's report seriously and lockdown Wuhan city earlier, the world would not have been in such danger today. In the meantime, on January 28, China had a long one-week vacation, as a result, increasing a large number of people moving from one place to another. Then the mayor of Wuhan city said that about 50 lac people in the city of Wuhan are returned to their own homes on holiday The WHO had the opportunity to stop the migration of such a large population.

One thing to note is that WHO always names newcomers viruses by name of place and river. For example, Ebola virus, Zika virus, mars virus, Hantai virus, etc. But WHO named the virus Covid-19. And continues to request that not be called the Chinese virus. On the contrary, those called by this name got the racist tag.

China has the opportunity to name this virus. One of the major mistakes of the WHO is that they are too late to declare the COVID-19 disease as pandemic. The announcement of the pandemic was demanded since the second week of February, though it was announced on March 11. If it has been declared pandemic a few weeks earlier, many countries around the world would have taken it seriously and could have saved more lives and could take action on disease control. In the world today, 40 - 50 thousand people would not get sick every day with this new coronavirus, if the pandemic was announced in late February or the first week of March. Disease control and prevention could go more effectively.

As mutations and viruses move from the bats to the Pangolins. They often occur in the earth. It happens in nature, also in the market. This does not mean that every virus will become pandemic, every virus will cause disease on the earth. So what was the problem? For at least a month at the outset, the world was lacking inaccurate information, not the right response. China failed in public service. How is that? The Chinese government did not control their markets, so it became more and more powerful when it came to people and Mutated. China's last failure was that they did not stop public transport. Over the holidays, people have traveled all over China.

With the right information, more attention to public health, if the rest of the world is warned quickly, it is possible to control any pandemic on earth not only Covid-19. Stay home and be safe.