COVID-19 update - USA, Australia, Italy and S. Korea getting worse in Coronavirus (UPDATED!)

COVID-19 update - USA, Australia and S. Korea getting worse in Coronavirus

COVID-19 Novel coronavirus is getting worse in USA, Australia, South Korea and in Italy. Recent update suggests that USA has new 111 deaths while South Korea has 4 deaths. Details and live updates can be found at the end of this article.

Although the coronavirus has not spread so far in Latin America, Argentina has decided to lock down the entire country. The prevalence of coronavirus cannot be stopped in the United States, despite sophisticated medical procedures and various measures. The densely populated California state lockdown took control of the situation.
COVID-19 update - USA, Australia, Italy and S. Korea getting worse in Coronavirus (UPDATED!)

As you can see from above (16th April 2020), the death rate is increasing. Countrywide lockdown is already preparing or has been established worldwide in many areas. 

USA still has the highest death toll in coronavirus, out of Italy. In USA, most people infected with coronavirus are above the age of 40 years. The death rate among the elderly is high, most of them already suffer from various physical complications. The border is completely closed in more than 40 countries to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus. And partly off three times more than that country. Seven countries in Europe have been added to the new highest-risk list, but the virus is spreading to African countries at alarming rates. The World Health Organization has issued a warning to the region.

Angelo Borrelli (Corona spokesperson, Italy) says In the span of one day, the number of deaths has increased. In addition, 8% of the victims are now in incentive care. Right now, there is no choice but to be careful. The government will be forced to take more aggressive steps if needed.

Coronaviruses (CoV) are the genealogy of viruses that cause illness starting from common cold symptoms to more serious diseases, as like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus disease is a new type of viral disease that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans.

World Health Organization (WHO) and much human health organization has already issued a worldwide alert regarding Novel coronavirus. There is a total of 1991562 cases with 130885 Confirmed deaths and 213 Countries have been reported by infected this so far. It has been advised to all people to stay home and be safe. To know details of this outbreak regarding Coronavirus disease see this link published by WHO.

As per latest update Germany, Spain, Iran, Netherlands, Portugal also having a great outbreak from COVID- 19 Novel Coronavirus. We have got confirmation from reliable source that - 
  • 182816 total cases and 19130 total deaths in Spain
  • 147863 total cases and 17167 total deaths in France
  • 135549 total cases and 3850 total deaths in Germany
  • 646300 total cases and 28640 total deaths in the United States
  • 103093 total cases and 13729 total deaths in the UK
  • 77995 new cases and 4869 total deaths in Iran
  • 29214 total cases and 3315 total deaths in the Netherlands
  • 6468 total cases and 63 total deaths in Australia
  • 34809 total cases and 4857 total deaths in Belgium
  • 28379 total cases and 1010 total deaths in Canada
  • 18841 total cases and 629 total deaths in Portugal
  • 3699 total cases and 10 total death in Singapore
  • 5182 total cases and 84 total deaths in Malaysia
  • 4161 total cases and 116 total deaths in Ukraine
  • 10613 new cases and 229  total deaths in South Korea
  • 174 new cases and 8 total death in Paraguay
  • 2672 new cases and 46 total deaths in Thailand
  • 56 case and 1 death in Cabo Verde
  • 19 cases and 2 deaths in Angola
You can find live update on COVID-19 from this link 
And from this live map developed by a 17-Year-Old Jewish Whiz Kid Avi Schiffmann’s live Coronavirus Site

To get advice regarding this COVID-19 virus check this link issued by World Health Organization.